Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spreading the word...

New science based veterinary blog promoting critical thinking!

Though I've been temporarily distracted from my little blog posting hobby, I continue to enjoy the wonderful and thoughtful writings of so many excellent thinkers.

As the scourges of psuedoscience, dogma and crankery continue their assault on reason and so many seem to trod a stuporous mindless path, it's very gratifying to note that there are many knowledgeable folks out there willing to take the time and energy to be "candles in the dark"...beacons of intellectual honesty and authentic reason.

In that vein, I am pleased to bring to your attention a new veterinary medicine site and its associated blog of note chalk full of critical thinking and reasoned posts. Please add The and The Skepvet blog to your links and enjoy some great reading!

Keep up the great work, we need it... !!

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