Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chiropractic wishfull thinking...

...pediatric specialty???

The chirotak discussion forum has a very enlightening thread regarding chiropractic perdiatric specialty training.
Really, no surprises.

Pediatrics: DC vs. MD Training« Thread Started on Dec 6, 2007, 10:34pm »

I have been looking through websites of various "Pediatric" Chiropractors and most seem to be very proud that they obtained their "Pediatric Certification" by completing a 300 hour course.

Let's compare the number of hours of training in Pediatrics:

DC= 300 hours at the Holiday Inn
MDPediatrician= 80 hrs/week X 50 weeks X 3 years= 12,000 hrs

Now how about those who treat childhood asthma and allergy:

DC= 300 hours at the Holiday Inn
MD Pediatric Allergist :-----12,000 hrs for basic Pediatric Residency------8,000 hrs for Pediatric Allergy Fellowship GRAND TOTAL= 20,000 hrs of training

1) Do they bring newborn babies to the Holiday Inn so the DCs can practice adjustment?
A. Yes
B. No

2) If not, where do the DCs get their clinical practice on newborns?
A. Motel 6
B. Airport Best Western
C. Days Inn
D. They get no clinical practice

3) How delusional must one be to adjust a newborn or treat childhood asthma or epilepsy with some bogus nonsense?
A. Very
B. Very, very

4) What in chiropractic "philosophy" allows a DC to be an expert in vaccination and infectious disease?
A. Sid said so
B. It has to do with nerve energy
C. C3 is pressing on the pituitary
D. Nothing.....nothing at all

5) Is the infectious disease seminar always held at the Holiday Inn or can it sometimes be at the Ramada?
A. Always at the Holiday Inn
B. Sometimes at the Ramada
C. Holiday Inn on South Cobb Parkway only
D. Holiday Inn off of Delk Road and I-75 only

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