Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Integrative medicine and hat tricks

So many times the devil really is in the details. So it seems, time after time,
I and many others find ourselves confronted with the same tired and increasingly tenuous arguments from Complementary and Alternative Medicine proponents.

Sadly, it doesn't seem to slow the creep of medicine back towards a far more
dangerous era -one of "curative anarchy"- that society wisely decided
to collectively walk away from a hundred years ago.

How quickly we forget...

These modalities continue to find fertile ground with the credulous by insiduously blanketing and confounding themselves with a false legitimacy. By appropriating and altering innocuous sounding concepts such as 'freedom of choice',
'teaching the controversy' and having a 'balanced' discussion (where none exists) -all for the sake of an ideology- many CAM supporters succeed only in weakening and degrading the pillars of reason and critical thought.

A colleague, Dr. Novella writes a sharp and clear post regarding one of CAMs
more succesful hat tricks...the bait & switch.

Excellent reading.

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