Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i of the vortex

With an often mischievous smile and penetrating eyes, well known neuroscientist Dr Rodolfo Llinas elaborates an incredible tale of how the "i" in us came to be. He discusses the importance of movement as a primal trigger for the kind of cellular evolution that eventually allows for colonization and cooperation and the subsequent development of the nervous system.

The Science Studio put together this fascinating conversation where Dr Llinas touches on some of the conclusions his neurological research has revealed. He weaves an enticing and plausible tapestry threading together the simple to the complex and deftly describes what the very core of human consciousness might actually be.

Indeed, some of the conclusions of his research may have breathtaking implications regarding free will and whether human consciousness as we sense it is in fact something real or a spectacular illusion.

Listen to "A conversation with Rodolfo Llinas". It is well worth considering as part of ones study of human consciousness.

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